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Private Patient Clinic - Women’s Health Clinic

  • Dr. Marion GOH TSAO

    General Practitioner

    Medication delivery: Deliver to Door/Clinic Pick-up
    2 Village Rd, Happy Valley, Hong Kong
    Cantonese, English, Putonghua
    Video Consultation Time Slots

Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Existing patients of the Group who are located in Hong Kong at the time of the telemedicine services (unless special approval is granted)
    2. For Family Medicine consultations, patients aged over 12 years old
    3. For specialist consultations, if the Patient is under 16 years old, an accompanying adult (who must be at least 21 years old) must be present with him/her during the Tele-Consultation. The accompanying adult must show his/her valid identity card to the doctor at the start of the Tele-Consultation
    4. Patients who do not fall into the category under the “Guideline for Conditions Not Suitable for Tele-Consultation” (please refer to the Terms and Conditions for Telemedicine Services)
  • Family Medicine, Paediatrics Centre, Private Patient Clinic

    1. Register and/or log in as user at the FindDoc online booking system via HKSH Telemedicine booking page
    2. Choose your preferred telemedicine service
    3. Select an available time slot for booking
    4. Follow the instructions to fill in and verify personal information
    5. Verify your mobile number
    6. Choose the mode of delivery (if applicable)Enter payment details (please note tele-consultation fee does not include the fee for prescribed drugs, reagents and/or any tests ordered by the doctor in the tele-consultation. Additional charges may apply after consultation)
    7. You will receive a confirmation email from FindDoc after successful payment.
    8. FindDoc will contact you prior to your tele-consultation to verify your identity and medical condition and to collect necessary personal information for the tele-consultation.

    Before the tele-consultation, you should prepare a computer, tablet or mobile phone with webcam and ensure that you have stable Internet connection. Log in the tele-consultation link in the email 15 minutes before the start time of the tele-consultation.

  • You will receive a confirmation email with details of tele-consultation appointment after successful payment.
  • Family Medicine and Primary Care Centre

    • Mondays to Fridays: 09:00 – 16:00
    • Saturdays, Sundays & Public holidays: N/A
  • Once payment is made, the appointment is confirmed, whereas cancellation, rescheduling, transfer or refund will not be accepted.
    • Your identification document, i.e. Hong Kong Identity Card, birth certificate or travel document
    • Enter the Zoom meeting 15mins prior to your scheduled appointment time.
    • Set-up in a quiet, private and well-lit room, and check you have a good internet connection.
    • HHave all your relevant health records such as prescriptions, list of medications, lab reports.
  • Yes, you may book for another person upon provision of necessary information for registration with his/her consent. Please note once the booking is confirmed, transfer of the appointment will not be accepted.
  • The booking site uses Stripe payment system which accepts Visa, Mastercard and AE credit card. Payments are encrypted by Stripe’s server for security. Your credit card information would not be stored on our server.
    • Family Medicine and Primary Care Centre
    • HK$320 – HK$560
    • Paediatrics Centre
    • HK$1600
    • Private Patient Clinic
    • HK$900
    • (Fees are subject to changes, please refer to the Hospital’s website for the most updated information.
  • Medication fee, delivery charges and fee of any other tests ordered by the doctor in the tele-consultation (if applicable): To be confirmed and charged AFTER the tele-consultation
  • The appointment is confirmed after successful payment. We do not accept cancellation, rescheduling, transfer or refund.
  • No, we only accept the payment methods stipulated in the above “Payment” section
  • No. If you fail to attend the tele-consultation at the scheduled time (after 3 attempts to connect with you), we will NOT refund for payment made and will under no circumstances be liable for any costs or expenses arising therefrom or any impact on your medical condition.
  • HKSH charge note is provided after tele-consultation:
    - For patients who require delivery service (e.g. for COVID-19 test kit), charge note will be delivered to your designated address together with the prescribed medications and/or COVID-19 test kit.
    - For patients who choose to pick up medications on their own, charge note will be provided along with the medication.
    - For patients who do not require delivery or pick-up of medications, charge note would be provided upon request via email.
  • You may attend a face-to-face consultation as advised by the medical practitioner after the tele-consultation.
  • A) If you choose to deliver to door, you will receive a payment link.
    - For appointment time before 3pm, same-day delivery of medicines can be arranged upon second successful e-payment.
    - For other appointment time, next-day delivery of medicines before 10 pm will be arranged upon second successful e-payment.
    - DeliveryMed Service is only applicable for prescribed medicines and arranged by the Pharmacy of HKSH Medical Group. Emergency or dangerous drugs cannot be delivered by this Service.
    B) If you choose clinic pick-up, you or a designated person will need to bring your identity card to the location, pick up at the clinic on time upon second successful e-payment.
  • Yes, the third party is required to present either the original or a copy of your identification document upon collecting the medications at the designated location agreed with our staff during the consultation.
  • Yes, you can authorise HKSH as your agent to arrange a third party courier to delivery medication to your address subject to delivery charges.
  • During video consultation, doctors may issue sick leave letters upon patient’s condition, but Vaccination Medical Exemption Certificate is not applicable.
  • - The tele-consultation will be recorded and kept by HKSH as part of the patient’s medical records.
    - The recorded consultation will not be used for any educational, promotional or research purposes without any prior consent from the patients.
  • Delivery service is temporarily not applicable to the following areas:

    New Territories: Brides Pool, Mong Tseng Wai, Nim Wan, Sheung / Ha Pak Nai, Nam Sang Wai, Lung Kwu Tan, Lady MacLehose Holiday Village, Wong Shek Pier, High Island Reservoir, Sha Tau Kok, Tai Au Mun, Tai Mong Tsai, Pak Tam Chung, Kam Shan, Yung Shue O, Tseng Tau, Ma On Shan Tsuen, Po Toi O, Ta Shek Wu, Luk Keng, Wu Kau Tang, Sheung Shui Wa Shan, Ta Kwu Ling and Sandy Ridge.

    Islands: Ngong Ping, Tai O, Tong Fuk, Mui Wo, Tung Chung Road, Pui O, Tai Long Wan Village, Asia Expo, Ma Wan, Hong Kong Disneyland, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Hong Kong Port, Discovery Bay, Siu Ho Wan, Cheung Chau and all outlying islands.

    Others: Frontier Closed Area, Lo Wu, Lok Ma Chau and Man Kam To.